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arodo studios & apartments

Lefkas is full of gorgeous beaches all over the island. The nearest beaches to Arodo complex are: Agios Giannis, Mili, Gira and Kastro.

Agios Giannis and Mili
The two beaches are just 1,5 km away from arodo, a fact tha makes them accessible by bike (a means of transport that is widely used in Lefkas), or even on foot. There you can find the windmills of Lefkas, which make this place to seem magic. What is more, is an ideal option for everyone who loves watersports (kitesurf, windsurf), because of the wind, which usually is ideal for this kind of sports.

Gira beach is located 3,5 km away from arodo and its coastline is about 7 km. The sea there is very calm and as a result it becomes a very good option for children.

Kastro beach is located in the entrance of the city. The claen water and the easy access make this beach one of the best choices, if you want to enjoy the sea without going very far away from the city. Trademark of this beach is the building of an old wine factory called TAOL, a name which is sometimes used instead of the name Kastro.

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